Thursday, January 4, 2007

First Edition

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog. I just thought I would take this opportunity to indroduce myself. I am a first time blogger and I thought this would be a great way to get my thoughts out to anyone who feels like listening to someone else bitch for a change. I am in public relations and I grew up in a small town in Connecticut...and in case you were wondering not everyone in Connecticut is rich and white like many out there no I'm white and grew up middle class... and according to my paycheck I am poor. First job outta college following your dreams will do that to a girl. Which is why I am 22 years old and live with my dad and I am not ashamed to admitt it! Anyways a little more about me I'm obsessed with TV any show that people consider a guilty pleasure I watch, you know, Gilmore Girls, reality TV etc. I love Lost and while I think that most Lost fans on the internet are strange especially because they consider the people in their forums "friends" even though they never met...I find it fun to watch them interact and get all mad at people like this is the only thing in their life they have going for them...But it's funny to be a fly on the wall. But I am not one of those weird lost fans...or maybe I am depending on your point of view, Anyway... My idea of a great Friday night is to sit down with a glass of wine and watch dateline or 20/20...I swear those "To catch a predator" shows never get old. I am also obsessed with all things celebrity. is my morning paper...supplemented by Chances are I'll be quoting those sites and commenting on the happenings in the world of celebrity and everyone else here. While I consider myslef to be a good writer I am horrible at spelling and grammer so mistakes happen...please don't point them out it's embarrassing and makes me feel bad...and chances are I wont fix them or learn from my mistakes because lets be honest who really learns from their mistakes anyways? So yeah I will making general observations about my life here and and everyone elses life...come back and read I might actually become one of your guilty pleasures.